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I see nothing wrong with either description.  You may wish to include more
details such as environments and tools used, how much experience you want
with each and what the pay range is.  Team size and position in the team.
Perks and benefits are good info to have as well.  Also I personally like
to know about the company itself such as the name, what they do, how long
have they been in business are they publically held or private etc.

Location can also be important too.
On May 23, 2012 10:00 PM, "Nathan Blackham" <kemotaha at> wrote:

> Guys,
> I know I stay mostly quiet on this list, but I need some help.  I
> recently took over as manager of a new team responsible qualifying our
> OS on new hardware as well as new kernels and OS components on
> existing hardware.  The process is currently mostly manual, and the
> goals is to automate this testing as much as possible.  In addition to
> the qualification, the team owns building out test hardware as well as
> deploying the qualified OS to production so that new builds can use
> the newly qualified OS.
> I am struggling to create a good job description for the positions
> that I have open on the team.  I am hoping that you can help me create
> some solid job descriptions that would catch your interest and make
> you think about applying.  I have 2 categories of positions: Software
> Developers and System Engineers.
> The System Engineers that I am looking for would be the ones to run
> the tests, build the test capacity, and deploy out the software.  I
> want Engineers who will work hard on scripting the process away so it
> is automated and less error prone.
> The Software Developers that I am looking for are ones who want to
> build test automation, including automating workflows, testing, and
> analyzing results.  Much of the testing is performance testing as
> well, so people who are passionate about benchmarks and making sure
> that we are testing the right stuff.
> I am happy to share the job descriptions that I currently have but
> would love to have ideas from the group about the things that you like
> to see in a job description.
> And if any of you are interested, feel free to contact me and I will
> be happy to talk to you more about the positions.
> Thanks Guys,
> Nathan Blackham
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