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Mon May 21 09:53:02 MDT 2012

You can dual boot macs without violating license. Interestingly enough, this is what Linus Torvalds has done for the last few years because he likes Apple hardware.

Last time I did this, I used rEFIt. You have to change some EFI settings, and rEFIt helps you do that. You can find it here: The process was dead simple. I was up and running in Linux on a 15" macbook pro in about an hour. That hour included the whole Fedora install. I would just skip the VM and run Linux natively.

Here is my $0.02 on OS X:
I really love the window manager. The feature formerly called Expose, now called Mission Control makes managing groups of non-tiled windows really easy. That combined with the gestures you can make on the track pad makes managing windows really efficient. Perhaps not as efficient as using a tiling wm, but still pretty good.  

Apple's trackpad is really the best one i've ever used by a long, long ways. It's huge, smooth and glassy. It has defined borders, so you don't accidentally slide your finger off and wonder why your mouse isn't working (i've had this problem with other trackpads). The gesture support is crazy awesome, and Apple has written its drivers to make the whole experience really smooth. Two finger scrolling, three finger movement to switch workspaces, pinch and rotate for photos, two finger movement to go back/forward in the browser… I could go on, but you get the point.  

Eric Jacobs

On Monday, May 21, 2012 at 9:32 AM, Jeff Jibson wrote:

> We have recently started moving our sales department to Macs. To test
> things like samba and printers in windows, I use kvm with different
> versions of windows guests. Macs, we will only be supporting one
> version. The licensing doesn't allow Mac OS on non mac hardware.
> My manager suggested getting a Mac. I don't care for the Mac OS UI.
> I currently use i3 (WM no DE) with lots of urxvt terms tiled.
> My question is, can I run linux on the Mac hardware with Mac OS in a
> vm? Has anyone here done it, and did it work very well?
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