Health problems from cybernetics?

Daniel Fussell dfussell at
Thu May 17 18:06:00 MDT 2012

On 05/17/2012 02:51 PM, Alan Young wrote:
> On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 2:08 PM, S. Dale Morrey<sdalemorrey at>  wrote:
>> somewhere about a guy who had implanted himself with an rfid capsule.
>> I realize this is totally offtopic, but does anyone know about this?  I
>> tried googling everything I could think of related to it and found no info.
>> I mean if this were the case then you would think folks would be implanting
>> themselves with all kinds of stuff to make life easier.  For instance, it
> This is called transhumanism, or human+. Searching the google for this
> word will get you a metric crapton of info about it.
I'm having trouble comprehending those units; is there a standard 
conversion table for it?  ;-)

;-Daniel Fussell

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