Ways to moderate a meeting

Eric Jacobs eric at chomp.us
Tue May 15 13:37:44 MDT 2012

You could rustle something up with socket.io and node.js in about an hour (including design/polish) if you really wanted to. http://socket.io/ 

Eric Jacobs

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 at 12:25 PM, Robert Merrill wrote:

> OK, geeks. I realize this isn't linux related or open source, but I need
> help.
> I am going to be part of a public meeting soon and I want there to be an
> electronic way to capture questions and feedback from people in the
> audience (the virtual version of passing a note to the moderator to ask a
> question of the panel). Is there any tool you know of that can do this?
> For example, Google Moderator? But can I use Moderator for a small meeting?
> Any thoughts?
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