send and receive faxes via email

Tod Hansmann at
Wed May 9 18:59:27 MDT 2012

On 5/9/2012 1:31 PM, Merrill Oveson wrote:
> Question:  What about security?
> Faxes are good for credit card information.
> Does sending or receiving a fax via email present a security risk?
I'm going to go ahead and disagree here.  How, exactly, does a fax mean 
more security than an email for credit card info?  I'm not very paranoid 
about my credit card info, but I don't send it over fax OR email, and 
prefer to give it over the phone to a verified agent of the company I'm 
sending it to.  (I make that sound fancy, but someone I'm reasonably 
sure is supposed to be taking my CC info and treating it 
appropriately).  If I'm sending it via email or fax, I would presume 
it's in the lobby behind the receptionist just waiting for anyone to 
come pick it up, including the receptionist.

I'm with Jonathan Duncan, faxes need to die.  Anyone asking for a fax 
should be told in the most serious tone possible: "If I can page you 
right after it finishes, I will fax you.  If you don't have a pager, you 
need to leave its cousin out of our relationship so we can remain 
friends in the current century."

I've used and I think they're pretty pricy for what amounts to 
just faxes, but there you have it.

-Tod Hansmann

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