ATSC Tuner Card Compatibility

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sun May 6 00:08:22 MDT 2012

Hi Everyone,

Awhile back my wife and I decided we were tired of paying to watch
commercials and finally cut the cord.
Since then we have been using Netflix, Hulu & Youtube to watch
whatever mindless entertainment strikes our fancy.
Now we've moved into a new apartment and found out that the complex
approved internet provider gives anemic levels of service (<1 Mb/S)
and so I've decided to embark upon the journey of building an HTPC /
Home Media Server.
I've looked around for some of the cards listed as having good support
under linux, but most listed on the lists I've managed to find are no
longer available (to be fair it looks like the list hasn't been
updated in awhile).
Does anyone know of a good commercially available relatively current
ATSC capable tuner card (dual tuner would be preferred)?
Also does anyone know of a well supported video card with HDMI out?
Thus far I've planned to use mythbuntu to power this build, but I'm
very open to suggestions if anyone has any.

Thanks in advance!

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