How to assign foo.local domains with zeroconf

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at
Thu Mar 15 17:08:26 MDT 2012

> By 'add a dns record to a laptop' do you mean that you want it to be
> able to resolve the name of another machine, or do you mean that you
> want it to respond to mDNS (zeroconf) requests for its own name?
> Either way, I can't think of any method that involves sending XML to
> udp ports, although I suppose there might be some Zeroconf daemon that
> could be configured that way.
> I could probably give some suggestions about how to accomplish what
> you would like to accomplish, but you'll have to be a little bit more
> clear about what you are trying to do first.

Everything I've seen with mDNS / zeroconf uses XML over UDP or UDP-HTTP.

But yes, I want an application to be able to add safe domain resolution
(i.e. .local, not .com) from userspace (without root).

AJ ONeal

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