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Tue Mar 13 12:49:17 MDT 2012

Job Title
Director of Platform Development

Salt Lake City, UT

Channel One News<> is seeking a skilled engineer and manager to help direct the maintenance and development of Channel One's delivery and news consumption platform. This position will require that the candidate be able to competently design and implement technical software and hardware solutions that meet internal company requirements. In the future, the candidate may also be asked to manage a small team of engineers who will assist with the development, maintenance, and support of the platform. An ideal candidate is one who is a well-balanced professional with a proven track record in developing enterprise-grade software, management, and effective communication.

Key Responsibilities

 *   Learn about and help maintain the existing delivery and consumption platform.
 *   Oversee and participate in the development of new software solutions or products relating to Channel One's delivery and consumption platform.
 *   Evaluate existing or future software requirements, capabilities, and limitations. Provide feedback to management about how these could be improved by using new methodologies, technologies, or by other means.
 *   Gather new software requirements from various stakeholders (both internal and external).
 *   Make product proposals and recommendations on how a solution can meet stakeholder requirements.
 *   Architect and design new software products or solutions.
 *   Function as a project manager for the various development initiatives undertaken by the position. This includes creating work tasks, creating estimates, setting timelines, managing scope, and scheduling resources.
 *   Oversee and participate in creation of or maintenance of tools to be used by internal support and development teams.
 *   Oversee and participate in third-tier support for newly created solutions or products.
 *   Help increase automation across all facets of content creation, delivery, and consumption.
 *   Manage other engineers (e.g. software, quality, and support) who will help execute on planned initiatives. This includes technical mentoring, providing appropriate tools, and helping individuals meet their company and career goals.
 *   Communicate effectively to management and stakeholders the state of development efforts and support.


 *   Must be able to wear many hats and be flexible to changing requirements, projects, timelines, and responsibilities.
 *   Must be able to learn and apply new technical concepts quickly. Must be "smart and gets things done."
 *   Must have demonstrated technical leadership in past positions.
 *   8-10 years of programming experience using modern languages such as Java, C#, Python or similar.
 *   Expert working knowledge in at least one compiled language and one scripting language.
 *   Extensive experience with Linux. This includes the ability to install, administer, and use Linux every day-both locally and remotely.
 *   Ability to work from the Linux command line. This includes familiarity with typical GNU tools and text editors such as vim, emacs, or nano.
 *   Experience using and administering Windows operating systems.
 *   Skilled in the following (or equivalents):
    *   HTML, CSS, Javascript
    *   AJAX
    *   Data modeling
    *   Modern distributed revision control (git, Mercurial, etc.)
    *   Development and usage of REST web services
    *   jQuery
    *   Scrum or other agile/iterative development methodologies
    *   Relational databases and SQL (e.g. MySQL, PostreSQL, Oracle, etc.)
    *   Transport formats (i.e. JSON, XML, etc.)
    *   TCP, UDP, IP, and other protocols
 *   Experience building SaaS or web applications using new development methodologies.
 *   Experience building complicated software that must remain operational 24x7.
 *   Experience creating software with a complicated networking component.
 *   Working knowledge of computer hardware and computer networks.
 *   Experience with building scalable and performant distributed software-both in a LAN and WAN (i.e. Internet) environment.
 *   Experience managing an engineering team (at least 4 engineers) through a full software lifecycle.
 *   Ability to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. Must be able to work well under pressure and against deadlines.
 *   Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Must have the ability to present technical subjects in a clear and concise manner that the layman can understand.
 *   Takes ownership of their work. Takes pride in what they do and demonstrates a passion for technology, building software, and delivering quality on time.


 *   Skills and in-depth understanding related to virtualization. This includes planning, building, and managing a plan to virtualize machines in an internal (e.g. VMWare or VirtualBox) or external cloud (e.g. Amazon EC2 or Rackspace).
 *   Low-level understanding of operating systems, software, and hardware.
 *   Working knowledge of good UX design and implementation.
 *   Experience successfully building multi-threaded and asynchronous communications software.

Required Education
BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree or work experience.

Position Type

Depends on experience: $100K - $130K

Michael Landon: mlandon at<mailto:mlandon at>

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