Setting up chroot for SFTP

James Noble noblejames at
Wed Jun 27 16:03:50 MDT 2012

> >> Try uninstalling openssh-askpass-4.3p2-82.el5.i386 first--that may
> >> remove the dependency problem. Or see if there's still a --force
> >> option.
> >>
I have a development box that I can test things on and was able to
uninstall openssh-askpass and everything seems to work just fine.  From
what I can tell askpass is there so openssh can use it to ask for a pass
phrase.  This is on a headless machine so I don't think that will cause me
any problems.  Does anyone know of any issues that may arise from
uninstalling this?  It is a LAMP system.

> ok, for those of you not liking the seat-of-your-pants method, you can
> always fix your rpm SPEC file to include the proper provides, etc, and make
> sure it is called the same thing as the existing package, then a freshen on
> the rpm should work to satisfy dependencies and at the same time let you
> have a good upgrade with a proper methodology.
> If you are running this on a production system that's important, you
> should probably do proper.  if it is a home hobby box, don't spend the tons
> of time making it all match up nice.

This is a production environment so I would rather fix the issue but I am
not sure how to go about satisfying the dependencies.  Is there something
out there you are aware of that can point me in the right direction?

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