build out of a server advice

Jima jima at
Sat Jun 23 11:42:05 MDT 2012

On 2012-06-22 22:07, Lloyd Brown wrote:
> However, as a general rule, the "large drives" are usually the 1TB and
> above, usually SATA 7200 RPM drives, that take a long time to rebuild.
> If you get the 10k or 15k RPM SAS or FC drives (I think they're up to
> about 450 GB these days), they'll be much faster, due to their higher
> rotation speed, the dual-path interfaces on the disk (SATA is
> single-path), etc.

  High-speed (15K) SAS drives are up to at least 600GB these days, just 
to keep your notion up-to-date.  I'm pretty sure 450GB was the previous 
stopping point, though.


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