Streaming Live Concert

Matthew Frederico mfrederico at
Wed Jun 20 15:28:13 MDT 2012

> No I haven't looked at either one. I'd like to stick with FOSS, so it
> would seem that wowza is out of the picture.

Some times, the cost of things certainly justify the amount of time and
energy we will put into doing it ourselves.. Just a thought.

> Also, I'd like to simply find something that solves this exact problem and
> configure it rather than use red5 to build my own code. I may be reading
> incorrectly, but it seems like it's more a java lib than a product that
> solves the streaming media problem, right?

Actually - red5 will indeed allow you to stream media across it.  Its the
server-side component that you will need if you want to "decently"
broadcast video/sound.  Here are some tools that use red5 do accomplish
what you are asking:


Hope that helps!
-- Matthew Frederico

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