Streaming Live Concert

Stephen M. McQuay stephen at
Wed Jun 20 10:53:16 MDT 2012

Friends --

My brother is a musician who is giving a series of doctoral recitals. He 
would like to stream the audio of these shows live from the university 
network over the internet to those who can't be there in person.
While historically I've used the venerable vlc to perform a similar task 
I have only done this on a single network.

Some cursory searching has lead me to believe that I could connect vlc 
on his computer to an internet-accessible machine running icecast (via 
ssh or otherwise). Consumers could then connect to this icecast server 
using a browser, vlc, etc.

Does this seem like a reasonable strategy? Are there some clearly 
superior solutions or limitations I am overlooking?


Stephen M. McQuay
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