Servers for sale or trade

John Jonas john at
Sat Jun 16 15:27:58 MDT 2012

I have about 48 servers I need to get rid of.
They were bought in 2007.

I have 2 different kinds:

I have like 8 of these, 4 are 2U and 4 are 1U
2x 1ghz opteron processor
640gb hdd (fdisk says 640gb, I know it has 4 hdd's in it)
4gb ram

I have like 40 of these, all 1U
2.66ghz celeron processor
40gb hdd
512 mb ram

I'm either looking for someone who wants to take all of them, or some
advice on how to get rid of them.

For sale, I'm taking offers.

For trade, I need 2 of them fixed.
One of them had a hard drive fail.  It has an important database on it
that I'd like repaired so I can use it again. It was just a database
The other one was a webserver. When the database server failed, we
took the site down (dumb, dumb, dumb...but we didn't know what we were
I'd like to get the site up again.
If you can repair the database and get the website working again (the
code should all be working), I'll give you all the servers.



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