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Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Thu Jun 7 12:26:13 MDT 2012

Many of you know that I have loved working at Alfresco over the past few years. It has been interesting to see an enterprise open source company from the inside, I have learned a lot about content management, and I am very impressed with our leadership team. The company has more than doubled since I joined, and our growth seems to be accelerating. Working with a diverse international team has been a lot of fun, and I enjoy collecting the passport stamps.

We are building out our San Francisco engineering team. That team has responsibility for our external facing developer API's, add-on packaging, and integration with products produced by partner companies.

When the hiring team discussed the positions with me, I lobbied for them to consider telecommuters from Utah so that they can take advantage of our talent pool. Even if you are currently enjoying your job, I highly recommend you consider this opportunity.

Our "we are a great company to work for" video:

(Photos include the company adventure up a mountain in Morocco and the company jeep scavenger hunt in Malta. Did I mention every employee gets a tablet and smart phone in addition to the laptop?)

Other positions are listed here (but they might require relocation):

Feel free to contact me or Jared Ottley (who is lurking) if you have any questions.



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