FW: Overstock Software Developer Openings

Sasha Pachev sasha at asksasha.com
Fri Jul 20 18:19:59 MDT 2012

We have a tradition of posting flames on the PLUG list when somebody
posts a job. I must admit I have never been tempted to participate in
this tradition until now. But this was just too much to resist:

"Overstock.com is looking for highly skilled Java developers to work on
enterprise and web applications, and infrastructure. We value intelligence,

In my opinion the association of Java with intelligence and creativity
is quite an oxymoron. I spend most of the day working on MySQL
internals in C++ with the restrictions of no exceptions and no
libstdc++, which makes it not quite the C++ that most people are used
to, but more like C. That is when my intelligence and creativity are
fully engaged. Occasionally I get to write code in Perl, Python, and
PHP. Again, no complaints about intelligence and creativity. However,
occasionally on a bad day there arises a need to write code in Java.
That is when I feel that I am being constantly babysat, I feel like a
bird in a cage. I have an idea of what kind of code will be executed
on the CPU , and I feel helpless because there is no way to make it
more efficient. I am being forced to be excessively verbose by the
long API call names.

I can never remember their exact names, and waste a lot of time
constantly looking up the documentation. When something might possibly
go wrong I am forced to catch an exception which is quite a bit more
verbose than checking an error code. I look at the code and I have to
keep scrolling back and forth to figure out what is going on as the
verbosity of the API pollutes the screen space and sets the noise to
signal ratio into the range that I cannot tolerate.

In short, I feel like I am back in the Soviet Union where you had no
freedom at the cost of no responsibility.

Sasha Pachev

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