ARM Colocation

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Tue Jul 17 14:28:22 MDT 2012

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 12:58 PM, Matthew Frederico
<mfrederico at> wrote:
> Interesting - At risk of exposing my ignorance, I wonder if something like
> distcc would work across all the phones/nodes - I don't believe the phones
> alone are fantastic at compiling source in and of themselves?
> I'm sure something like this has got to exist - "ARM Compiling as a
> service?"

Using distcc is a pretty good idea IMO. I would figure most android
phones would have at least 256-512MB ram, and ample scratch storage
(1GB or more). You might build a custom android-based diskless distro
to boot them and use NFS. Back in the day we'd be all about the
beowulf cluster potential... those specs used to be considered quite

Amazing that today our cellphones have more computing capacity than
our servers did 10-15 years ago...

My cellphone is almost equal to the desktop I had just 5-7 years
ago... crazy progress.

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