Remove access to server @ bios level, behind firewall

Chris Wood chris at
Mon Jul 16 13:46:31 MDT 2012


I have a remote server in another country behind a firewall on a network I
don't control.  Occasionally, we have a need to support the server when it
is failing to boot all the way to the OS -- the server wants to do a disk
scan, software raid issue, or some such thing.  I've googled and read up a
bit on IPMI and also KVM over IP devices.  SpiderDuo talks about doing this
in their manual, but the manual seems to refer to a device/software program
that they no longer offer to get through the firewall.  I can't see anybody
else offering solutions to the firewall problem.  There isn't any chance of
me getting the firewall admin to forward ports for me.

A clunky way would be to do IPMI and then have some sort of tiny linux
box/device attached to the remote server that has a vpn connection back to
us.  Or, find a KVM over IP that can punch through the firewall.

Anybody aware of an elegant way to do this?

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