Electrical Engineering Position

Lane Brooks lane at brooks.nu
Thu Jul 12 13:49:15 MDT 2012

I am owner of a hardware and software contract design company. We 
specialize in data intensive applications such as imaging and video on 
both mobile devices and desktop PCs. We take on design projects running 
the gamut from software to hardware to integrated circuits. I have a PhD 
from MIT and extensive experience in electrical engineering and computer 

We have more work than we can handle right now, so we are looking to 
hire an entry level electrical engineer. Why am I posting this to a 
Linux users group? Well I am actually looking for someone who is also an 
avid Linux user and who enjoys dabbling in software and embedded systems 
as well. I care more about creativity, work ethic, and intelligence than 
I do about experience level. I am specifically looking for someone to 
help with the design of PCBs, verilog code for FPGAs, and embedded 
systems development. While a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering would 
be nice, if you are smart and have dabbled in hardware design, I would 
be willing to consider hiring you. Interest in cameras, photography, and 
video is a huge plus.

If you are interested, please contact me off-list. We are located in 
Highland, UT.

Lane Brooks

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