senior front-end/javascript developer

Robert Merrill robertmerrill at
Tue Jan 31 21:34:17 MST 2012

On Tuesday, January 31, 2012, Wade Preston Shearer <wadeshearer.lists at>
some javascript candy—I'm looking for someone that can build an app in
javascript. This would be a well-paid position.
> Any advice on how to find such an individual?

Hmm. Lots of js talent in what was the Omniture. Guessing Domo likely has
some of that DNA as well. Not sure re mobile app development though.
Thinking about web app companies locally... Maybe atTask, InsideSales, hmmm
overstock? Also lots if heavy JavaScript in the former Move Networks.

Maybe ping your linked in network for ppl who work(ed) for those shops and
see what they're up to?

Robert Merrill
Sr Recruiter, Fusion-io

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