Jacked network bridges

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at gundy.org
Sun Jan 29 10:39:28 MST 2012

On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 5:08 AM, Nicholas Leippe <nick at leippe.com> wrote:
> Some may call it a hack, but you can actually get away with reusing
> the same mac address across all interfaces of the same logical host.
> So long as you have routing entries configured or STP it sometimes
> simplifies things.

Yeah, I would call it a hack :) I don't want to rely on STP if I don't
have to. I'd rather it was there to protect me from an accidental loop
and not intentional funny business. Also, the uniqueness of the the
MACs might be the only thing that helps me figure this out :)

> In any case, wireshark/tcpdump are your friend. Fire them up and let
> the packets fly.

Sadly, it's coming to that point pretty quickly.


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