Zoneedit API

David Haak david.haak at
Tue Jan 24 09:51:32 MST 2012

I am trying to write some automation scripts using the Zoneedit API,
and running into roadblocks. There is documentation here , however anything beyond a
simple curl request does not seem to behave like is documented.

This works fine:
$ curl -X POST -i -d "action=getIP"

Despite the statement about format in the intro.html doc, the
following does not return results in XML format:

$ curl -X POST -i -d "format=XML&action=getCountries"

I have looked through Google, and cannot seem to find an example more
complex than the first curl command. Authentication requires a
"teamId" parameter, which I cannot find either in the documentation
listed above or in my zoneedit account properties upon logging in. If
anyone has experience scripting commands to the zoneedit api, I would
be very appreciative of an authentication example in
perl/python/ruby/curl/etc, or a link to some more helpful examples.


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