Interesting Read - Lobbyist threatens politicians who refuse to stay bought.

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> Evidently former Sen. Chris Dodd is now working as a lobbyist for the
> MPAA. According to an article at he has gone on record as
> saying that Politicians who refuse to toe the line of the MPAA can
> expect Hollywood to work against them in the future.
> I read the verbatim transcript portion and actually got more or less
> he was saying that the MPAA wasn't going to give big checks out
> anymore to anyone who weaseled out of SOPA.

And this is surprising, how?

Actually, the quid pro quo implicit in Mr. Dodd's statement has been
understood in politics since before the Gracchus brothers were born.
For Mr. Dodd to make it as blunt as he did is not unusual.

What is unusual is that it was written up in a place where we mere
peasants could read it. Another tacit quid pro quo is that the media
simply do not cover this sort of thing, and thereby embarrass the
parties involved.

Perhaps Politico thought that Mr. Dodd and the MPAA are, like Mr.
Gingrich on the subject of marriage, incapable of being embarrassed.

If you want to see the dollars and cents calculations, see


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