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On 01/18/2012 03:27 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Actually I am embarrassed to report that during his initial campaign I
> was a fervent worker for his campaign and supported him with zeal.  I
> think I was 12 or 14 at that time (although I never bothered to
> disclose that to the campaign, who let me go as soon as I let slip my
> age.). My job during that time was to setup the computers at campaign
> headquarters and help to keep them running (technically speaking this
> was my first IT job).  Nevertheless I find I can no longer support him
> and because of his sponsorship of this bill and other's that he has
> supported during his tenure in office, I will be voting against him in
> the next election.
> I certainly hope others will join me in this.

Orrin Hatch is a really, really, really nice guy and he treats his supporters
well. That's part of the reason he's been able to get re-elected so many
times. But, he's clearly not a conservative (as much as he tries to convince
people he is) and he's simply been in office far too long (my rule of thumb
is 12 years, max, between House and Senate).

There is a large portion of Utah GOP that want to see Hatch "dethroned" at
convention. There are several good people running to be the GOP senate
candidate going to the general election including Dan Liljenquist and, my
favorite, Chris Herrod.

If we can get Hatch out at the GOP convention, he won't even be in the GOP
primary. That's how it works. But only GOP delegates can vote at the
convention, so if you're a Republican, attend your neighborhood caucus
meetings coming up March. You may be elected to be a county or state delegate
at this meeting and then you can go to the convention in May and vote.

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