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>>> > how meany dead young  in testers on linux compared to windows microsoft

Your original post appeared to me to be spam and so I was blushing for
you Hatem, thinking that maybe you had picked up some kind of computer
virus, that was sending this junk in your name.  Now it appears that
you are either insincere in your statements (trolling), or you
genuinely believe what you are spouting and therefore I feel the need
to correct you.

Now then here is truth for you Hatem.  I ask only that you please read
what I have to say slowly and carefully and consider your response
before you bother to reply.  If your command of this language is, as I
suspect, not quite up to the level of a native speaker, I ask you to
print out my message to you, show it to your Imam and ask him if the
words I speak to you are not good fruit and therefore to be eaten
slowly and with good pleasure.

According to the Holy Quran, Allah is God and Mohamed is his prophet,
not just any prophet but his last prophet.
The Quran goes on to further say that the prophet is the only person
who has the authority to speak on behalf of God(Allah) to the entire
But are you yourself not making claims about Allah?  Where in the
Quran are these claims you have made, especially those such as your
statements about Linux adoption and even the spelling of his holy name
in a language that did not exist at the time the Quran was written?
Is it not clear to you that your claims have no place in the Holy
Quran and have you not now made these claims to the whole world?
Therefore does it not stand to reason, that by these actions, you are
proclaiming yourself to be a prophet of Allah? Truly have you not done
this in your secret heart, and to the whole world?
So I ask you to consider, what is to come of the false prophet?

Hatem, I must say that I doubt your sincerity about the posts you have
made, they are exactly the types of vile venom spewed by an outsider
based on his own prejudices in an effort to make one side look bad to
another; this it seems is much more likely than the words of one who
truly has read the book.  Are they not the words of one who is
creating chaos in his holy name and therefore are they not the words
of darkness?

Regardless of your faith, if you are sincere about what you are
saying, then you need to rethink the beliefs you are stating, these
beliefs match no religion that I know of.  Furthermore remember that
if you are insincere as a muslim you and I both know what awaits.  So
I ask you to consider, "What comes of those who profane what is truly

Do you not know that the word Islam means peace?  Is it not meant as a
hallmark and a symbol of  the his true nature?  When you unjustly
attack others, whether in Allah's name or not, are you being peaceful?
 Are you being true to Islam?  Is not the definition of being true to
Islam, being true to the cause of peace?

Is it you who is passing judgement or Allah?  If it is Allah, where is
it that you obtained the authority to speak in his name?   Or do you
instead say that it is not Allah but a man who is the judge of these
things.  Then I ask you, does Islam to seek to judge or to correct?
Does correction occur by judgement or by learning?  If it is by
learning then you should know that "If one man says to the other,
"Allah hates you, because of this.", and the other man replies to him
"Allah hates you because of that.", then neither is truly his servant
and Allah weeps."   A wise man once told me that a true muslim would
understand this.  So I ask you, do you understand?

Attitudes reflected in posts such as your most recent ones, are what
drive the hearts of men away from Islam and away from Allah, and if
you truly seek to understand the Quran, you would quickly see that
turning the hearts of mankind away from him, is the highest possible

Please Hatem, whether you are truly muslim or not, whether or not you
are even a child of the book, please understand that no matter your
religion, all men are brothers and to hate your brother or to stir up
the hearts of men to anger against one another is a sin no matter what
religion you profess with your lips.  When you do this, you create
havoc, chaos, fear and hatred which are the indelible marks of
darkness and the legacy of all who serve it.

Now go your own way, read books that will serve to lighten your heart
and not darken it further.  Profess to the world that your God is a
living, loving being of light, pure joy and love; for he has no
darkness in his heart and it was written that if you are truly his
servant you should always seek to emulate him in this regard.

May peace and love find you brother, even in the darkness.

S. Dale Morrey

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