Wikipedia Blackout (& work around)

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Jan 18 12:14:37 MST 2012

On Wed, January 18, 2012 11:09, Richard Esplin wrote:
> He is a dinosaur who doesn't listen to his constituents. He should have been
> voted out long ago, but he has very tight control over the Utah Republican
> machine. It drove me to the Utah Democratic party, where a moderate Utahn can
> actually have a voice.

What do people think about PLUG, as a technical organization, making an
official statement that defines our technical concerns? It doesn't seem much
of a stretch to me to think that 400+ local IT professionals in Utah might
have a relevant voice. Perhaps a website that displays an open letter spelling
out the concerns with the ability for folks who agree to digitally "sign" the
letter might be an approach?

So really, two questions:

Who wants to write such a letter? I've read parts of SOPA, but I think someone
familiar with the entire legislation should put it together. The community can
put it through the refiners fire and make it stronger. In my opinion it should
focus on the technical challenges and innovation killers in the bill, not the
larger idealogical concerns with copyright.

Who would sign it? This would depend on what it actually says, of course.
Basically, who is willing to help? If it is three people, then maybe this is a
waste of time.


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