to who may concern and compare if you are making the following mistakes

hatem at hatem at
Wed Jan 18 09:54:09 MST 2012

how meany disabilites in data entry on linux compared to windows microsoft
how meany dead young  in data entry on linux compared to windows microsoft
how meany dead young  in testers on linux compared to windows microsoft

answer that and deliver to who may concern in your country
or you both are partners in each company that is opened and in each
company that is closed just playing a game drawing money from people and
sell them copy  of  part from makkah cd can you ask your country
supervisor to let you see ttaqr files in the system of the government in
your country if soo you will find ALLAH name written in english and in
it is just you either do not yet know or they want you not to know yet

can the supervisor of the group cancle my account please

> you will see
>> On 01/18/2012 07:15 AM, hatem at wrote:
>>> for your info it is not right thing
>>> because if you are not interested that is why linux is not getting
>>> familiar with and you are working in shadow and letting such like
>>> microsoft eating you
>>> that is because islamically  point of view and judge you are not
>>> accepting :-
>> Wow; all this time I thought it was because of our complex and hostile
>> interfaces, our social anxieties and elitisms, and our endless
>> VI-vs-EMACS holy wars.  Now I recognize that Microsoft is the destroying
>> angel, the plagues of Egypt, and Beelzebub all rolled into one legal
>> entity.
>> In retrospect, I probably should have seen this coming.
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