Wikipedia Blackout (& work around)

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Wed Jan 18 03:20:10 MST 2012

Just in case you've been living under a rock, you should know that
Wikipedia has decided to undergo a voluntary blackout.
This is only for the English version of the site and is only for 24hrs.
The purpose of the blackout is to protest SOPA, OPEN and the other
fiascos currently circulating through our congress critters brains
masquerading as legislation.

I totally support the black out and have in fact taken the time to
write my representative(s) informing them that if they vote yes on
this, I will be voting no on them come re-election time.

Unfortunately I use wikipedia a lot more than I probably should.
While I do use it primarily as a starting point for research on
important topics; it also fills the role in my life that most folks
would reserve for facebook. In otherwords, I use it to help accelerate
the rotting of my brain by reading up on random topics etc.  That
makes the blackout a bit of a nuisance and so I discovered a
workaround to the blackout.

As it turns out they are using a simple javascript redirect to send
everyone to the blackout page.  No javascript, no blackout page.
Therefore either disable it using noscript, or simply turn off
javascript globally as per usual in your browser and wikipedia will
work again.

Hope that helps!

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