to who may concern and compare if you are making the following mistakes

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Wed Jan 18 02:46:31 MST 2012

to who may concern and compare if you are making the following mistakes

islamicly you have mistakes in your site that is:
ALLAH name
is all letters capital and you know and only for ALLAH that must be

ALLAH other names and adjectives and adverbs and verbs all
must be the first letter only to be capital letter and the rest of letters
are must be small

only what is mintioned to be capitalized no
other things

in your design there is islamic problems :

wheel must have its eadges pointing to inside not to out side
because ALLAH only give creatures

pointing arrows upward and
downward in design and fonts letters draw are forbeddin
upward arrows are misbehave with ALLAH either sharben or rounded
the same with sharben or rounded arrows pointing downward

first misbehave and the second is sweside if from you

as a

you will face problems in your life at all

rejection to be gived mircy from ALLAH

ill poor death
lottizm damns down on you  and your colleges and

in language of computer and money servers goes down
and never to work again after certain tiemes downgraded gradually as a
punshment from ALLAH

for you as rest of punshment you are got
thrown out from computer career and never com back again you and your
children and if argo is done you have facing of failure every day till you
brokdown and quit

and also that happen in case of injustice

please deliver to who may conern

for that purpose please cancle my account shang5000 at

hatem at

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