Need a Sys Admin with skill in Weblogic, websphere or J-Run

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Jan 12 12:49:13 MST 2012


I have a friend who is looking for a system administrator to setup some servers for him.  I only have experience with Unix/Linux.  So I am wondering if anyone here would fit the bill or knows of anyone with these skills.

The servers are for running a product called LAPS (

Snippets from their FAQ:

"LAPS needs an application server such as Weblogic, websphere or J-Run. In addition it needs Oracle or SQL Server for the database."

"LAPS has been developed using Java, JSP and EJB components and conforms to J2EE standards. Program execution is carried out on the server side and can be run using Web Application Servers such as Weblogic, J-Run or Websphere."

If you have any helpful information for me, my friend would appreciate it.

Jonathan Duncan

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