[UPHPU] planning, tracking, reporting, project management

Wade Preston Shearer wadeshearer.lists at me.com
Fri Jan 6 15:02:47 MST 2012

When it comes to projects/task management, I like less features than more and a nice, clean UI. If I'm going to be using something every day, it needs be easy and enjoyable. It also needs an iOS app (or at least a good mobile version).

My team has been using Flow [1] for the past several months. It's really nice, but it's WAY over-priced for what it does. All it is is a list. Generally this is sufficient for me, but I'm finding I need more than a list. I need to see project status, burn-down charts, and be able to track projects, bugs, and backlogs. Most of the time when you ask for those features though you get a massively bloated app. I stubbled across PlanBox and Pivotal Tracker today though and am intrigued.

Has anyone used these apps/services?

Plan Box

Pivotal Tracker

I like how Pivotal has a native iOS app and an API (in case I want to feed bugs into it).

Any other tools you'd recommend?

[1] http://getflow.com

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