USB headsets

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Feb 22 22:32:23 MST 2012

On 2/22/2012 2:22 PM, Kyle Waters wrote:
> Looking for a recommendation for USB headset w/ mic.  These are to be
> used in a call center.
> Kyle
I'm assuming you're using VoIP here, and you need a PC headset.  Back 
when I ran a call center (a couple years ago) we just used pretty much 
anything Plantronics.  We tried several other brands/models, but the 
ones that were good quality sound broke quite quickly.  Plantronic's 
stuff was consistently good sounding and rarely had to be replaced, 
while at the same time didn't get too expensive.  We stayed anywhere 
between $15-40 depending on the deals at the time and which batch we 
were testing.


-Tod Hansmann

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