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>> > Thank you all for the quick replies! I'll check out Direct Communications
>> > and see what they offer at the home. What about OTA TV. AtennaWeb seems
>> to
>> > suggest I'll need a medium to large directional antenna. Will the $100
>> for
>> > that be worth the signal or will I be better off going with a satellite
> I have Directcom.  The people that lived in this house before me had Digis
> and it was terrible.  Down all the time and when it was up it was as slow
> as dial up.  Directcom has been fairly good.  Coming from Comcast at my
> last house it is much slower.  It can be very slow when everyone is on it
> in the evening.  About a third of the time I am unable to watch youtube
> when I want(which isn't often).  It also disconnects randomly so if you use
> connections that you want left open all the time it can go down.  I don't
> notice it down when I am just surfing the internet though.  I have heard of
> someone out here who does wireless.  It is about the same price as
> Directcom but it seems like it is a hobby for the guy.  He does have quite
> a few people on it though and I heard from one person that it is pretty
> good.  Unfortunately I don't know much more about it than that.  Directcom
> has been just good enough for me to not jump ship.

I have noticed usable bandwidth drops in the evening, but it still
always is usable. I haven't had the intermittent drops since I moved
from the old copper to a place with fiber. In fact I know they had to
switch out a card a few years back at my old house, and that made a
big difference in my connectivity.  At my new house it's been quite

Digis is completely oversold in the area, and worthless for anything
other than simple browsing, though I hear people who get on the
non-canopy gear are better off. Rapidwave has a lot more available
bandwidth to their users.


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