ISPs in Eagle Mountain

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> > Thank you all for the quick replies! I'll check out Direct Communications
> > and see what they offer at the home. What about OTA TV. AtennaWeb seems
> to
> > suggest I'll need a medium to large directional antenna. Will the $100
> for
> > that be worth the signal or will I be better off going with a satellite
I have Directcom.  The people that lived in this house before me had Digis
and it was terrible.  Down all the time and when it was up it was as slow
as dial up.  Directcom has been fairly good.  Coming from Comcast at my
last house it is much slower.  It can be very slow when everyone is on it
in the evening.  About a third of the time I am unable to watch youtube
when I want(which isn't often).  It also disconnects randomly so if you use
connections that you want left open all the time it can go down.  I don't
notice it down when I am just surfing the internet though.  I have heard of
someone out here who does wireless.  It is about the same price as
Directcom but it seems like it is a hobby for the guy.  He does have quite
a few people on it though and I heard from one person that it is pretty
good.  Unfortunately I don't know much more about it than that.  Directcom
has been just good enough for me to not jump ship.

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