ISPs in Lehi (was ISPs in Eagle Mountain)

Joshua Marsh joshua at
Fri Feb 17 09:26:45 MST 2012

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 23:54, Jessie Adan Morris
<jessie at>wrote:
> Now I have to ask about the options in Lehi. It doesn't seem like there is
> anything
> other than Comcast and Qwest and Digis. Is there anything a bit faster
> that isn't over $100 a month?
Qwest, Comcast, and Digis cover pretty much all of Lehi (I haven't seen a
place they don't). I tried Clear for a few months where I'm at now (just
off Main St). It worked OK, but the speeds weren't fast enough for my load.

Lehi's internet services are about as sporadic as any where I've seen. I
was getting 7 Mbps with Qwest, but was having terrible connection issues.
They weren't helpful, so I tried Clear. That wasn't fast enough, so I went
back to Qwest and got a decent technician out here. He said the line
quality only allowed for 5 Mbps. After downgrading, there we no connection
issues, but it was a bit slow for my taste. I'm stuck with it until I move
though and I'm definitely not moving to an area without checking first. :)

I told my neighbor about the above story and he LOLed. He has 40 Mbps and
is lives stones throw away from me. I'd guess that if you find a newer
house in Lehi, it will have decent service. If your house was built before
1980 though, you may not be so lucky.

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