ISPs in Eagle Mountain

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Thu Feb 16 22:53:52 MST 2012

Eagle Mountain doesn't have Comcast anywhere -- not for Internet or Cable
TV. The local fiber connection is through Direct Communications, the same
company that provides telephone. I've been using their fiber service since
2008. It's decent. Not as fast as I would like and their service sucks at
times too.

The only other option is Digis. I haven't tried them, so I won't comment on
their service.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 10:34 PM, Joshua Marsh <joshua at>wrote:

> My family has been looking at homes recently and have found one we like in
> The Ranches area of Eagle Mountain. I got on CenturyLink's and Comcast's
> websites and they can't find the address of the house even though it's been
> there since 2007. No internet or slow speeds is a deal break for me as I
> telecommute. I can't imagine the area doesn't have internet, but I can't
> find any information on speeds or ISPs.
> Does anyone live in the area or know about the ISP availability in the
> area? What type of speeds are available and how is the service?
> I'd also be open to any other opinions you might have about the area. :)
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