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AFAIK, the USB on the DualHead2Go is only for power.  The unit itself 
shows up to the computer as a single monitor with the width of the two 
displays together, and the two displays must both use the same resolution.

Of course, your laptop will have to be able to support the new 
resolution as a single monitor.



*How does DualHead2Go work?*
Your computer's video output normally allows only one monitor to be 
connected to it. If instead of plugging a monitor into your system's 
video output you plug in a DualHead2Go, your computer interprets this 
device as one double-wide monitor, so it outputs a single extra-wide 
image. As you have two monitors connected to your DualHead2Go, the 
DualHead2Go takes the left half of this extra-wide image it receives 
from your computer and sends it to your left monitor, and sends the 
right half to your right monitor. In this manner, DualHead2Go 
effectively lets you drive two separate monitors from a single video 

On 2/13/12 1:00 PM, Wade Shearer wrote:
> Dualhead2go is the USB approach I mentioned earlier. It'd recommend against it. It's not good enough quality.
> On Feb 13, 2012, at 12:56, Lonnie Olson<lists at>  wrote:
>> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:21 PM, James Noble<noblejames at>  wrote:
>>> The end goal here is to have 2 external displays that are the same size.
>>> When you have one display that is a 15inch and the other is a 27 inch
>>> display it is a hassle dragging windows from one monitor to the next.  Even
>>> the original example I gave with the USB to DVI adapter may not work
>>> because of screen resolution.
>> Ok, that situation would require Thunderbolt displays.  Though it's not really
>> a limitation on the Mac, it's a benefit that you can chain Thunderbolt
>> displays.  PC laptops don't have that option. AFAIK.
>> In order to run two external displays on a laptop you don't have a lot
>> of options.
>> Either use the Matrox DualHead2Go (PC/Mac) as previously mentioned, or get a
>> Mac w/ 2 Thunderbolt displays.
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