Apple and dual monitors

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Dualhead2go is the USB approach I mentioned earlier. It'd recommend against it. It's not good enough quality. 

On Feb 13, 2012, at 12:56, Lonnie Olson <lists at> wrote:

> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 12:21 PM, James Noble <noblejames at> wrote:
>> The end goal here is to have 2 external displays that are the same size.
>> When you have one display that is a 15inch and the other is a 27 inch
>> display it is a hassle dragging windows from one monitor to the next.  Even
>> the original example I gave with the USB to DVI adapter may not work
>> because of screen resolution.
> Ok, that situation would require Thunderbolt displays.  Though it's not really
> a limitation on the Mac, it's a benefit that you can chain Thunderbolt
> displays.  PC laptops don't have that option. AFAIK.
> In order to run two external displays on a laptop you don't have a lot
> of options.
> Either use the Matrox DualHead2Go (PC/Mac) as previously mentioned, or get a
> Mac w/ 2 Thunderbolt displays.
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