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Mon Feb 13 09:10:45 MST 2012

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Tod Hansmann < at> wrote:
> Tell them no.  There's no business case for spending 2-3x as much on the
> hardware to run most likely the same software (or very, very similar).
> None.  Let me emphasize that: "no business case."  If your devs prefer
> working on a Mac, ok, more power to them and their own budgets.  If they
> can't be productive on another platform with the same tools, they are
> not developers, and are not worth your time (or the gobs of money
> they're costing).

Beyond the well-stated arguments of dev-perks already posted, I'd also
add another thought to this. If a company told me something like this,
I'd expect that they only offer regular off-the-shelf dell's to their
developers. If you think that's ok, and it's ok to call that a
'workstation', well, you don't know hardware for squat.  While there
is an apple-tax, try speccing out a real workstation class machine on
dell and comparing to a mac-pro. You won't see nearly the difference
you expected.  Same thing with servers. If you are running the
cheapest possible hardware, well you're probably going to spend a lot
more time trying to get them running right, and keep them that way.

Now, I love to play with machines, and *can* be productive even on
cheap hardware. But I didn't spend years driving a beater car because
I liked it, it was because I wanted to save up for something I liked.
Then I moved up.


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