[OT] Getting your developers good harwdare (Was: Apple and dual monitors)

Peter Bowen peter at bowenfamily.org
Mon Feb 13 00:05:22 MST 2012

When it comes to turnover, culture is EVERYTHING!

+1 keeping developers happy...
+1 decreasing turnover...
+1 easier recruiting


On 2/12/12 3:48 PM, Dave Smith wrote:
> On Feb 12, 2012, at 2:40 PM, Tod Hansmann wrote:
>> Tell them no.  There's no business case for spending 2-3x as much on the
>> hardware to run most likely the same software (or very, very similar).
>> None.  Let me emphasize that: "no business case."
> Here's a business case.
> Offering your developers hardware they love (whatever the brand) is a great way to attract good talent. If you "save" your business a couple grand by buying a laptop that your developers don't like, you'll probably end up losing that money many times over in lost productivity.
> Developer hardware is no place to skimp. It's so cheap compared to other developer incentives.
> If a few thousand dollars of savings per developer makes *any* difference to your business, then your business is in serious trouble.
> Personally, I love my quad-core MacBook Pro that my new employer just got me. It's freaking awesome, and I use it all the time at home. Because I like it. And that translates into more value for my employer. More importantly, I know that my employer wants me to have cool hardware, and that's a great culture to attract a great team.
> --Dave
> P.S. Seriously, MacBook Pro support for dual external monitors is pretty crappy (unless you pay the big bucks with Thunderbolt). And furthermore, what was Apple thinking by *not* providing a docking station port?!
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