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On 02/12/2012 02:40 PM, Tod Hansmann wrote:
> I really, really don't want to start a format war on the list, so 
> hopefully the reader can separate platform tastes and business sense 
> from my position here.  (Caveat: if you're developing for iOS or MacOSX, 
> well, this is all moot and you can stop reading now).
> Tell them no.  There's no business case for spending 2-3x as much on the 
> hardware to run most likely the same software (or very, very similar).  
> None.  Let me emphasize that: "no business case."  If your devs prefer 
> working on a Mac, ok, more power to them and their own budgets.  If they 
> can't be productive on another platform with the same tools, they are 
> not developers, and are not worth your time (or the gobs of money 
> they're costing).
> I'm very serious about this.  Macs make no business sense unless you're 
> developing for Macs/iP* and even then, you shouldn't be using Macs for 
> most of your workforce (accounting on Macs?  Please spend more 
> responsibly).  We're not even diving into the manageability and other 
> costs unrelated to just purchasing them.

My employer supports Windows and Mac laptops for all developers. We do
LAMP-type development on Linux servers, so anything that will get us a decent
SSH client allows us to get our work done. I'd never worked on a Mac before
this, but nearly two years in, I don't mind it. I'd still prefer to be using
a Linux laptop because I prefer KDE over OS X's UI. That being said, I far
prefer the Macbook Pro to a Dell laptop running Windows.

I understand their rationale, though. The desktop support folks don't want to
support lots of different platforms. We use Cisco AnyConnect VPN which is
kind of hit and miss on Linux, from what I understand. We also need to be
able to use GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar which is NOT supported on Linux.

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