[OT] Getting your developers good harwdare (Was: Apple and dual monitors)

James Noble noblejames at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 18:56:13 MST 2012

> I thought that Thunderbolt *was* basically a docking station port.  It
> gives access to the PCIE bus, so it could clearly support a docking
> station with an external video card.  In fact, the Thunderbolt
> displays seem to be a monitor + docking station in one.  It's a pretty
> sweet system, and not technically tied to Apple, either, since the
> technology behind the port is Intel-owned.  Wouldn't it be great to
> have laptop brand-agnostic docking stations, so you don't have to buy
> a new one every time you get a new laptop?
In theory this would be great. When I first heard about thunderbolt that
was my thinking exactly but I have only seen Apple support it so far. Maybe
soon though. Seems like if someone made a ridiculously expensive monitor to
compete directly with the apple screen it would still only be $ 500. I
wonder how many sales Apple would lose.

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