Tech for Grandmothers?

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Fri Feb 10 21:20:14 MST 2012

Thus said "S. Dale Morrey" on Fri, 10 Feb 2012 17:26:14 MST:

> This  has me  thinking; Why  hasn't anyone  come up  with a  dedicated
> device  that could  be used  for elderly  and shut  in older  folks to
> communicate with their loved ones?

You mean something like:

Basically, your elderly loved one gets  an email address, and any emails
sent to it are automatically downloaded and printed off. Pretty low-tech
and  should make  communication with  elderly folks  more accessible.  I
think they do  a pretty good job of filtering  (not sure what technology
they use, maybe Postini).


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