Linux Expertise In Demand?

Henry Paul henry at
Fri Feb 10 20:38:37 MST 2012

On 02/10/2012 03:55 PM, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
> Looking forward to viewing the full results. The last survey Dice released
> showed relatively flat demand. Does this jive with what anyone is seeing?
> Anyone get a larger than normal raise in 2012, or a raise at all? Anyone get
> any recent offers that significantly lifted their salaries?
> I've talked to a few recruiters who have indicated recent salary offers for
> experienced Linux professionals have jumped 20-30%. I've not seen it
> personally, and I'm not at all inclined to believe what a recruiter tells me
> about salaries. My experience has been that the last few hold outs who were
> paying their IT departments poorly had to bring them to parity with the
> market. Not so much a raise as it is a flattening out of the industry.
> Curious what experiences, if any, people have had.
> -Ryan
I have seen the 20-30% increase from recruiters - but they have all been 
for temp contract work with lousy benefits - so that's their spin I think.

I looked in to a couple last year and even though they were $20k or more 
in salary higher than where I was at, the lousy insurance options and 
other perks made for a total compensation package right about on par 
with where I was with steady full-time work.


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