Junior level sysadmin with programming skills

Alan Young alansyoungiii at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:49:58 MST 2012

On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 14:11, Steve Alligood <steve at betterlinux.com> wrote:
> Usually, when a non-admin group hires an admin and has them outside of the
> normal admin group, he starts with a lot of hits against him.

While normally true, in this case this is a development project that
requires sysadmin knowledge and experience.  I'm minimally experienced
with actually administering a system, but that's mostly on a personal
system.  The same holds true for the other programmer in our team.

> 1) It often means the regular admin group is unable or unwilling to help
> with the project. (lack of resources, not important to their goals, etc)

This is true in most (all?) cases where the job is administering
production boxes.  I probably wasn't clear enough in this respect.
This position will involve getting (currently) CentOS 6 servers up and
running in a way that matches our current way of doing things.  There
will be heavy involvement with the programmers on the team.

> 2) It will be seen as somewhat of a skunkworks project, and getting
> assistance from the "regular" team on integration can be an uphill battle.
>  Whatever reason caused #1 will continue to cause issues and roadblocks,
> possibly all the way up the management chain.

It's an existing project that is getting bogged down because we don't
have the necessary admin experience.  It's not a matter of 'borrowing'
someone from the SA team, it's a matter of having someone on the team
fulltime who is a sysadmin who has enough programming experience to
translate the steps taken to maintain something into code.

I won't lie, though I admit to prevaricating, about the environment at
management level and above.  It's not all cookies and milk.  But for
someone looking to get some more sysadmin experience it's a shot.

> Depending on the situation, you may be basically on your own with some help
> from your team, but having to prove yourself and your project to everyone

Again, the process is an existing process.  We're not trying to
implement something new.  But you're right ... we will be able to
provide little help in the administration part.  The programming and
working with our current setup though we will be very helpful.

> It can still be a job worth doing, but keep in mind the unique challenges
> created by this type of setup.

Alan Young

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