no degree impedes climbing the ladder, was Re: mysql issue

Steve Alligood steve at
Thu Feb 9 10:33:38 MST 2012

On 2/9/12 9:39 AM, Jason Van Patten wrote:
> I've been doing mostly programming work for about 8 years mostly perl,
> sql and javascript now and only making 16.50 an hour. I have a big
> deficiency in design skills, but i can crank out an api in a day or less
> and i can read just about any c based programming language some better
> than others. I love ajax and json work but my current employer wants old
> school page redirects and gets cranky when i use hash switches, even
> when i put in notes to explain what i'm doing. the company i worked for
> before this got hit hard by the recession so it cut 75% of it's staff me
> along with it. They asked me to come back the next week but the wife was
> pretty bitter. Been looking for work in Utah county but i'm not finding
> it. If you have any suggestions on places looking for programmers and
> willing to get me off welfare i'm all ears.
> Jason

Not my company, but we are affiliated (same owner), and they are still 


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