mysql issue

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Wed Feb 8 15:50:08 MST 2012

On 2/8/12 3:31 PM, Jason Van Patten wrote:
> This is true if the DB is properly designed, however most of the
> conversions i've ran from myisam to innodb dramatically and harshly
> affect performance until things get fixed. The main reasons are "Select
> *" statements in the code, lack of constraints and views, and probably
> the biggest cause is allowing null in the column definition and then
> trying to run a search on the column.  Most db architects i've worked
> with make these mistakes at least once on mysql. Half of them don't
> learn and just rely on myisam and a watchdog, So generally i would say
> myisam is faster for your novice db admin, but i would agree that if you
> know how to do constraints and views properly you will leave myisam in
> the dust once you hit the 200k+ record range.

I try to avoid those types of databases. :)  In that case, I don't think 
it's fair to call them "db architects".


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