vonage chaffing

Steven Alligood steve at betterlinux.com
Mon Feb 6 16:54:18 MST 2012

I second this.  I have had ooma for a year and a half and it's been great.

I pay the $4/month for my mother's line, and the extra $10 to have 
premier on my line, as it's worth it to me to have my calls forwarded to 
my cel phone if my internet goes out, as well as being able to block 
unwanted numbers with various options (busy signal, just ringing, etc).

It's basically FreeSwitch with a nice interface and none of the hassle, 
plus all you can eat domestic long distance.  My wife puts about 1000 
minutes a month on there, making it about $0.0138 per minute with 
premier, or it would be $0.00386 per minute without premier.

Also, you can get refurbished boxes for about $150 if you keep an eye 
out (woot, etc).  And premier includes a numner port, or they charge a 
one time $40 to port a number.  They also have an iphone app that lets 
you use the ooma account with your smart phone data plan.

All in all, it just works for me and I don't have to mess with it and I 
have never had the 1 second delay issue.

On 2/4/12 11:02 AM, Chris Strieby wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Daniel Fussell<dfussell at byu.edu>  wrote:
>> I've been watching my Vonage bill creep up to my old Qweerst bill, and
>> it's starting to bug me.
>> Thoughts?  Opinions?  Snide and/or snarky remarks?
> My solution was to buy an Ooma.  You have to buy the device (about
> $200) and then the only monthly fees you pay are the mandated state
> and federal fees.  They have a calculator at
> https://go.ooma.com/tax_calculator so you can see what the fees are
> for your zip code.

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