vonage chaffing

Chris Strieby cstrieby at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 11:02:00 MST 2012

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Daniel Fussell <dfussell at byu.edu> wrote:
> I've been watching my Vonage bill creep up to my old Qweerst bill, and
> it's starting to bug me.
> Thoughts?  Opinions?  Snide and/or snarky remarks?

I was in the same situation 3 years ago.  I started with the
$14.99/month plan in 2005 and by my last bill in 2009 I was paying
about $23/month.

My solution was to buy an Ooma.  You have to buy the device (about
$200) and then the only monthly fees you pay are the mandated state
and federal fees.  They have a calculator at
https://go.ooma.com/tax_calculator so you can see what the fees are
for your zip code.  I was fortunate enough to buy my device before
they started charging the the fees and, to their credit, they kept the
service completely free for those of us who joined before the fees
were required.

The service with Ooma has been pretty good.  I've had 2 outages that I
was aware of in the 3 years I've used the service.  I don't remember
for sure, but I don't believe neither outage lasted very long (maybe a
few hours).  The call quality varies but overall I've been pleased.  I
will occasionally hear an echo or experience a ~1 second delay in my
conversations but I have never been able to decide if it is the fault
of Ooma, my internet connection, or the line of the person I am
talking to.

I miss a few of the features that Vonage offered as part of their
plans (like call forwarding) but I've found using Google Voice in
conjunction with Ooma to be an adequate solution for my needs.  If you
want a more integrated experience, Ooma does offer a $10/month plan
called "Ooma Premier" which adds several features.  I've never used it
so I can't speak to its value.

Good luck finding an alternative to the ever-creeping costs of Vonage!


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