vonage chaffing

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Sat Feb 4 01:31:18 MST 2012

On 03 Feb 2012, at 18:23, Daniel Fussell wrote:

> On 02/03/2012 06:21 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 5:57 PM, Gabriel Gunderson<gabe at gundy.org>  wrote:
>>> On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 5:48 PM, Daniel Fussell<dfussell at byu.edu>  wrote:
>>>> I've been watching my Vonage bill creep up to my old Qweerst bill, and
>>>> it's starting to bug me.
>>> What is your typical usage in terms of mins per month?
>> Have you thought of google voice or skype?  GV is currently free for US calls.
> I was under the impression you couldn't dial out through GV, just in.  
> So I haven't gotten a lot of use out of my GV number.  And the number is 
> local to my community, so I haven't exactly been liberal in giving it out.

I was going to suggest GV also.  I have received calls from people who are using GV.  It really depends on how you use it though as to whether it is a good option.  My wife and I have been landline free for quite a few years now.

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