suggestions for all-in-one

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Fri Feb 3 13:20:50 MST 2012

Barry (or any other of you PLUG mavens), I've also been going on the
assumption that a color printer, even a color laser printer, would have
toner cartridges for black and then one each for R, G, and B, and that the
extra cartridges would take up space so that the black cartridge would have
to be smaller and therefore need to be replaced more frequently.

Far and away, what I need to print is black & white so I'd need to use the
color stuff much less frequently.  One of my big requirements for this
printer is "very infrequent cartridge replacement", so I've been planning
on just getting a b&w model.

But if my assumption is wrong--in other words, that I could get a color
model and still only have to replace the black toner as infrequently as I
would on a b&w model--then I'm not opposed to going with color and getting
the extra benefit for whenever it would be useful.

Is my assumption right?

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